Born in Northern Germany and raised in Wendland, Jörn Falldorf began his career at the turn of the millennium lighting for events and musicals. Hungry for the theory behind the practice Jörn went on to study media production at the Ilmenau University of Technology specializing in multimedias‘ usability and in creation of stereoscopic film productions.

After graduating in 2006 he started work as creative researcher and conceptual designer at tempomedia filmproduction in Hamburg. It was the production of behind-the-scenes documentaries that encouraged Jörn to pick up the camera himself and employ his earlier experience in lighting to create stunning digital footage for an increasing number of independent clients.

Over the past years Jörn has put together a showreel that shows his skill in understanding his clients and their audio-visual PR and advertising needs, combined with an innovative videography style. From virals to high-end commercial productions, socials and specs, documentaries and short films his approach is refreshing and his edits vibrant with an uncompromising quest for excellence.